Data Glossary

This page describes the data that is sent by the snippet to AreaMetrics

User/Device Data

  • Advertising ID: Standard advertising identifier (IDFA or AAID)

  • Locale: 2 digit country code

  • Location Permission: Status of location authorization

  • Model: Model of the device

  • OS: Operating system (”ios” or “android”)

  • OS Version: Version of the operating system

  • Publisher ID: Publisher ID assigned by AreaMetrics

  • User Agent: User agent string of device web browser

  • Vendor ID: Non-universal, per-app user ID provided by the OS

Bluetooth Beacon Data

The following data is collected entirely from Bluetooth beacon signals and is not relevant to the user.

  • Timestamp of scan

  • Proximity UUID: Primary beacon identifier

  • Major: Secondary beacon identifier

  • Minor: Tertiary beacon identifier

  • RSSI: Signal strength reading

  • Accuracy: Distance estimate in meters

  • Proximity: Rough distance classification

  • TX Power: Estimated transmission power of the beacon

  • Average RSSI: The average RSSI value

  • Beacon Type: Whether the beacon is an ibeacon or an altbeacon

  • Manufacturer: Maker of the beacon

  • Address: The MAC address of the beacon itself

  • Number of RSSI: Amount of times this beacon was recently seen

  • Name: Bluetooth Name of the device